Monday, October 6, 2008

August - Lauren and Andrew, Ridge Valley Farms

Lauren and Andrew were married at Ridge Valley Farms. We were able to go there to get thier engagement shots as seen a bit earlier in the blog. Another gorgeous outdoor setting with a great walkway to an outdoor gazebo and full glass windows for views to the outdoors from the inside reception area. These two were great, they didn't mind at all that it rained up until about an hour before the ceremony. I along with several others were a tad worried about the rain, but again, it lifted just in time for them. They did not see each other and keeping them seperate was a bit harder in a smaller building. He had to hide in the bathroom while we took her out to get pictures outdoors. We didn't keep him locked up for long ... Rebekah went with me on her first journey and shot the picture on the right - I told you she has a great eye!

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