Wednesday, October 8, 2008

October - Jessica and John T. - Riverside Baptist, Harriman

Jessica and John T got married at Riverside Baptist Church in Harriman on Saturday. I have been fortunate enought to spend several days with them, doing their engagements, her bridal session, and being at the rehearsal. I was very happy for the wedding day to finally arrive. The bridal party was great, jumping for joy and reinacting some of John T's football days even! The ceremony itself was done so elegantly and a bit emotional as they had friends who sang while candles were lit for family members who had passed on. They also played a slideshow during the ceremony to share thier life stories with thier guests (as much as you can in 10 minute slideshow). Reception went pretty quickly and then they were off to honeymoon. I feel like I've gotten to know them, and am looking forward to seeing them all again soon.

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