Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Should I have two photographers at my wedding?

I have been asked by most brides if they should have a "second" photographer at their wedding. I highly recommend to all of my couples that yes, they have two photographers. If you look at the photos above, these are just a small sample of what the "second" photographer does on your day. This person usually captures the small details, the things you don't necessarily even see that day. They definately capture a different point of view and when someone looks off camera the photos look so much more natural, which is one of our ultimate goals. To capture your day with natural, classic, timeless photographs. In fact I believe that this is so important, and I've had such a good response from previous brides who have used two of us on their day, that I am cutting the price of and assistant/second photographer in half - effective immediately. \"/
Remember to click on the pictures above for a close up view.

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