Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November - Cheyenne and Colin engagements, Butterfly Gap

OK, so these two are so cute! They did such a great job just making the day a fun day and not worrying so much about the camera. They both were game for pretty much anything and it was just so obvious how in love they are. I really enjoyed the day with you both. Thank You.

November - Jillian Maternity

I took Jillian and Dereks wedding photos in October of 2007, so I was thrilled when she emailed me asking about doing Maternity photos! She has 3 weeks to go and looks just wonderful. Can't wait for baby too ....

November - Jami and Chuck engagements

Jami and Chuck are getting married next June, and we went to where they met - UT, for the engagement shoot. Funny enough they had never been to UT Gardens though... It also turned out to be a very nice day, a bit bright. I can't wait for the wedding!

November - Tina and Scott

Tina and Scott were married November 1st at Fellowship Baptist in Lenoir City. The day turned out warm and beautiful. The two of them and their families are such a fun group. Rebekah shot with me that day and did a wonderful job capturing the details and entire day. Tina is so sweet and we've spoken so often that she is programmed in my phone at this point. I hope to keep in touch like this for a long time!

November - Meagan and Aron, Sampson's Hollow

I had the pleasure of photographing the wedding ceremony of Meagan and Aron Carroll at Sampson's Hollow on Nov 1st. They couldn't have picked a better day to get married. The weather was perfect and the trees were incredibly colorful. They were great to photograph because they were so laid back and just enjoyed their day. They drove down from Michigan with a bunch of family and friends to get married in East Tennessee. They had the ceremony in the glen which is a little open area surrounded by trees. Their pastor came down from Michigan to marry them in a beautiful ceremony that brought many tears and much joy. Although we were a little pressed for time, we still got to shoot in a lot of the beautiful locations at Sampson's Hollow and had a great day. Congratulations Meagan and Aron!!