Monday, November 30, 2009

November - Kim and Jared, Sampson's Hollow

Kim and Jared came up from Louisiana to get married at the ever popular Sampson's Hollow. It rained most of the day and the plans for ceremony got moved to the front porch, which turned out so fabulously. The porch was perfect! The rain let up enough for us to get a few outdoor photos and not have to walk too far using the smokehouse and red fence. Kim and Jared and their families and friends were super fun, there were boa's in her dressing room and writing in blue ink for her "something blue" - I won't say where on her it was!!

November - Melinda and Brad, Calvary Baptist and Tellico Yacht Club

Melinda and Brad got married in Lenoir City and I had the pleasure of getting to know them during our engagement session. They were calm and relaxed, even dancing to Miley Cyrus while getting ready. The ceremony was beautiful and we just made it to Tellico before the sunset and got some great photos at the water. I can't tell you how many smiles there were that day - except the father-daughter dance.. but that's to be expected!! I hope to know them for many years to come!

October - Jayme and Michael, Highlands and Park Vista Gatlinburg

Michael and Jayme came in to town from Chicago for their fall wedding in the smokies. They had a gorgeous spot at the back of the Highlands Condo's in Gatlinburg for the ceremony and then off to take photos at the Part Vista. They happened to have their wedding just hours after the rockslide on I40 and traffic was horrific everywhere trying to get around it. The ceremony started about 45 min late which was good considering... But that didn't stop them one bit from having a wonderful day and you could see how in love they are!

October - Julie and Scott, Headrick Chapel and The Barn Event Center

Julie and Scott came in town from Minneapolis to get married at the Headrick Chapel in Wears Valley and then to The Barn Event Center for reception. It turned out to be one of the best weather days this fall. The leaves were gorgeous vibrant colors and the temperature was a mild 60 ish with a breeze. We went near the water for some great photos before the ceremony and everything turned out beautifully - except one missing earring!

October - Amy and Joe engagements, Maple Grove Inn

A great fall day getting engagement photos at Maple Grove Inn. Amy and Joe are great and they even brought mom and day with! I can't wait for the wedding in May.

October - Danielle and Eric, Downtown Knoxville and Volunteer Princess Yacht

Danielle and Eric came in town from Texas and family came from all over the country for their wedding. We spent some time in the Knoxville Museum of Art and downtown then headed to The Volunteer Princess Yacht where they got married. The day was cold for October and Danielle had to use her train as a coat part of the time outdoors, but it worked :)
The Yacht was fantastic as always and everyone had a wonderful time!

October - Chris and Al, Volunteer Princess Yacht

Christine and Al, were married on the Volunteer Princess Yacht - one of my favorite venues!! They ceremony was beautiful and they were cool and calm the whole time. I did have the chance to work with them for their engagements so it was great to see them again for the wedding. The day was beautiful and fall colors were great as we 'cruised' past them. I am glad to know them and hope to keep in touch for years to come!

October - Becky and Justin engagements

Becky and Justin and I went to the park to do their engagement photos. He is so serious - no just kidding.... we had fun walking around the park getting photos and lots of ideas for the wedding day. Yay!

September - Chris and Al engagements, Neyland Stadium

How cool is this! Thanks to Chris and Al working at UT, and Chris pulling some strings (I think) we had access to the stadium and had it all to ourselves. I'll tell you that was one of the coolest photo shoots I've ever done! This was my first time being at Neyland Stadium and to walk around with such a great couple was wonderful. Thanks again!

September - Melissa and Chris, Sampson's Hollow

Melissa and Chris came in from Mississippi for their wedding at Sampson's Hollow. And funny enough, a gal who works for Melissa down in MS attended her sisters wedding at the same exact place just two months before! And they both picked me for their photographer - what a small world - I love it!! Another beautiful wedding at Sampson's Hollow, and Melissa and Chris were so cute. I really enjoyed meeting them and their families, who in another weird twist may be related somewhere way down the Cades Cove clan to the owners of Sampson't Hollow!!

September - Amanda and TJ, Eagle Rock Camp

Who knew that Eagle Rock Camp would be such a gorgeous place for a wedding, well Amanda and TJ did! This is just a super sweet couple - her wedding ring is the same ring TJ gave to her as a promise ring when they were just kids! I have really enjoyed working with and getting to know them and their families. I hope to keep in touch with them for many years to come!!

September - Melinda and Brad engagements

Monday, November 16, 2009


OK, so I have not been very on top of my blog lately.... This summer was full of weddings and fall is of course very busy season too for wedding and engagements for next years weddings. I also had that creeping crud that was going around for weeks and blogging is the first thing to get neglected a bit. I will post some notes on the photos that I put up and will post all of what we did from Sept until now as soon as I am caught up with brides albums and other items.. It has been a GREAT time and can't wait to write all about it!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July - Raelynne and Ryan, Sampson's Hollow

Raelynne and Ryan came up to Sampson's Hollow in Walland with their closest family and friends for their wedding. It was a country wedding in the most gorgeous place - Sampson's Hollow. The ceremony was small and intimate and just so wonderful. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the grounds and we even were able to get a group photo of everyone in attendance. Raelynne and Ryan were great and I had a great time trecking through some wildflowers and all around the farm.

June - Chantelle and Matt, St. Marys- Middlebrook Gardens

Chantelle and Matt were married at St. Mary's Oak Ridge in a beautiful ceremony. The reception was at Middlebrook Gardens, on a fairly hot day in June. The heat kept us inside as long as we could, but we had to take advantage of the grounds and get out to get some great photos. They are so cute together and we had a fun time.
All my best to you!

June - Ema and David, Farragut Presb, Worlds fair park, and Fellowship church

Ema and David were married at Farragut Presbyterian Church and then headed to Worlds Fair Park for photos before heading to the reception at Fellowship Baptist church. This is a full Romanian wedding and was a beautiful ceremony. Jenni also worked with them and will comment on here soon about her experience with them. - Best, Valerie

June - Jayme and Chuck, Broadway Baptist-Hilton

Jayme and Chuck were married at Broadway Baptist in Maryville and then had the reception at the airport Hilton. Jenni worked with them and she will comment on here soon about how much fun she had. - Best Valerie.

June - Richard and Valerie, Twin Cedar Farms

Richard and Valerie were married on a Wednesday in June at Twin Cedar Farms in Rockford. The wedding was a 30's-40's style wedding and how wonderful of a theme, the long gloves on her and his hat, with converse of course. The day was gorgeous and as always a great place to be!
Congratulations again!

June - Baby Madeline, 6 months

Baby Madeline is 6 months old, and oh how cute. She was so observant and just going with the flow. I love working with Jillian and Derek and baby Madeline!

June - Jill and Prentice, Whitestone Inn

Jill and Prentice were married at the Whitestone Inn in Kingston. Beautiful, sunny but hot day. The Whitestone is a gorgeous backdrop and we had fun going to different places to get photos. The reception was such fun, music and dancing. Most family and friends travelled from all over the country to be with them to celebrate. Congratulations again to you both!

June - Ginger and Preston, Magnolia Manor

Ginger and Preston were married at Magnolia Manor on a crazy sunny, then rainy, then hot and muggy day. But spirits were high and the day was absolutely wonderful. With the help of an old college friend Dave Landeo, the night was so much fun!! Preston and friends played music, everyone danced and just enjoyed the wedding so much. Had to be one of the most fun weddings I have ever attended.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

May - Danielle and Erik, Twin Cedar Farms

Danielle and Erik were married on a gorgeous sunny afternoon out at Twin Cedar Farms in Rockford. Danielle's dress was stunning! I always love the carriage ride the farm gives to the bride and groom right after the ceremony - they actually get a few minutes to themselves on their wedding.
It was a great day!

Monday, June 15, 2009

May - Lindsay and Marc, Mountain Harbor Inn

Lindsay and Marc were married on the water at Mountain Harbor Inn in Dandridge. It was a beautiful sunny day and spirits were high, nerves were under control and things went beautifully! What a fun group, I really enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere of this wedding. Congratulations to you both again!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

May - Angie and Ryan, Sunsphere

Angie and Ryan were married at the Sunsphere and had the reception there as well. This wedding was full of wonderful non-traditional surprises. It was a standing wedding, cakes on each table, the cake topper was custom to their personalities, which is knitting for Angie and the banjo for Ryan, which he played as she walked down the aisle with her father. We also had photos with the banjo and knitting needles and yarn with the rings instead of flowers - how great!! She wore dance slippers instead of heals and I never heard once about her feet... that is different for sure. I will say their friends and family were all wonderful, and the day was just fabulous. A gorgeous wedding. Thank you for having me be a part of it!

May - Jessy and John, Sherwood Forest

Jessy and John were married at Sherwood Forrest. Jenni worked with them and will blog a bit more about their day later....

Friday, May 15, 2009

We Won - TOP 5 Best Photographer in Knoxville!!!

The results are in! We made top 5 in the FOX 43 Hotlist best businesses in Knoxville. In the photographer catagory there were 50 photographers nominated and over 12,000 votes cast. We ended in 5th place! I am so proud of what we do and so pleased that our clients have voted for us. We always strive to make sure that every person we work with is not just satified with us and our work, but we strive to exceed expectations, and I know this is one way of knowing we are doing just that.
I am humbled and honored to say we made the top 5!
Thank you to everyone who voted for us,
Valerie Foley

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

May - Kim and Mark, Maple Grove Inn

Kim and Mark were married Saturday at Maple Grove Inn. What fun everyone had! Most everyone stayed late into the night dancing and enjoying the wonderful wedding day. I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of the bridal party - everyone was just "excellent"!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

May - Young Williams Animal Shelter

I volunteer for The Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation in Blount County as many of you already know - I have for almost two years now... While I was in Knoxville I stopped at the Young Willims Shelter to play for a mintute and took some pictures of doggies who are in need of homes, you can see these and others on thier website.
Please, save an animal from any of your local shelters and do not purchase from pet stores! Remeber to spay and neuter.

May - Jill and Prentice engagements

Jill and Prentice are getting married in June at the Whitestone. We had a nice time walking around downtown getting thier engagement photos. You would never know she wasn't feeling well with how beautiful they looked. I can't wait for the wedding.

April - Sarah and Tom, L&N Station Knoxville

Sarah and Tom were married at the L&N Station in Knoxville at the end of April. What a gorgeous place and the ceremony was beautiful. Hot, is the one thing I can think right away for an April wedding - that day was just sooo hot out! The burger cake you see, Tom made! I will say the toasts from thier best man and maid of honor were some of the best I have ever heard!!!
Congratulations from us - Rebekah and Valerie

May - Lindsay and Mark engagements

Lindsay and Mark will be getting married in May at Mountain Harbor Inn. Lindsay reminds me quite a bit of some of my extended family and after spending time with them at the engagement shoot I have a feeling this wedding could potentially be a bit rowdy - just saying.. Mark your teeth are fabulous! And I really do love the serious one, glad you kept the crack-up for just a moment after that shot.

April - Ginger and Preston engagements

Ginger and Preston will be getting married in June at Magnolia Manor in Lenoir City, what a great place! We had such fun with the ducks at the park - a tad warm that day though ...
Can't wait for the wedding -these two are a blast!

April - Danielle and Erik engagements

Danielle and Erik will be getting married in May at Twin Cedar Farms in Rockford. We headed to UT gardens for some color and we sure did find it with the tulips. And to my surprise they have put in a pond and small waterfall. Beautiful day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

April - Outer Banks family vacation

Well this was a much needed family vacation to the Outer Banks, NC - but of course I could not help myself and had my camera everywhere we went.....

April - Treasure Island Play - Primary Players Group

My daugher was in the Treasure Island performance held at Maryville HS - April 3rd. Her debut, she did great!!! I am so proud!

March - Jodi and John, 1st Lutheran Knoxville

Jodi and John were married at the 1st Lutheran in downtown Knoxville and then had thier reception at The Hilton. The day was a beautiful sunny day and there were so many out of town family who came across country to be with them. Jodi is such a sweet girl and we spoke quite a bit the days leading to her wedding, actually she's on speed dial \"/
Love ya Jodi!!

March- Brittany and Carll, The Barn Event Center

Brittany and Carll were married at The Barn Event Center in Townsend on a beautiful early spring day. They did not see each other before hand, and nerves were on high alert until the ceremony was over. Then the fun was on! So many family and friends to share thier day.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

March - Susan and Dillon, Church St. UMC, Sunsphere

Susan and Dillon were married at Church Street United Methodist Church. This was my first time there, and I don't know if I've ever seen such a grand Nave. They did see each other before hand and we got to play a bit in the garden and in front of the church. The bridal party was great fun, as well as family. There was a trolly to take us to the Sunsphere for the reception. What a fabulous day!
Congratulations again,

Monday, March 23, 2009

March - Janai senior portraits

Senior portraits with Janai (and her boyfriend came along too - Hi Blake) were fun. We went to the park and just walked around - chasing the ducks enjoying the sunny day and taking pictures. I really enjoyed getting to know her a bit.

March - Julie and Jeremy, Whitestone

Julie and Jeremy were married at The Whitestone Inn, with a gorgeous location, and beautiful ceremony. They did see each other first and we were able again to spend some time together getting some great shots of the two of them at this fabulous location. They are both such fun and so sweet, he couldn't stop looking at her! Rebekah and I had just a wonderful day, it was not rushed, we were able to utilize our time to get everything that Julie and I had planned on and more! Both families are very involved in thier lives and it showed by the emotion of the day. Also they had many friends and family come to join them, as it was standing room only in the chapel! The desert bar went over great, especially with the kids. Thank you all again for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful occasion.

March - Aimee and Myles, West Hills Baptist - Rothchilds

Aimee and Myles were married at West Hills Baptist. They did not see each other before the ceremony. It did rain all day, heavy rain.. however it did not seem to bother either of them at all. They just seemed focused on each other. Thier families and bridal party were such fun. I wish you both the very best!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

March - Brittany and Carll engagements

Brittany and Carll will be getting married in just weeks, but we found our way to getting the engagements done after rescheduling due to this funky weather... But we had fun at the park and I can't wait for the big day.