Wednesday, January 27, 2010

January - Volunteer Princess Yacht bridal fair

We are proud to announce that VF is the official ships photographers for The Volunteer Princess Yacht!!
We attended a small bridal fair and hope to be there quite a bit this year.

January - Imaging Expo in Nashville

Imaging Expo 2010 was held at The Opryland Resort in Nashville and over 10,000 people attending this 3 day expo and convention. What a great time Jenni and I had and the ideas we came away with are invaluable. I have a new fav photographer - Jerry Ghionis is fabulous speaker and photographer!

December - Blount County Animal Shelter Dogs

I have been volunteering for The Smoky Mountain Animal Care Foundation for 2 years now, and with the opening of the new Blount County Shelter - finally - I have been in there taking photos of the animals up for adoption. Here are some of the successes of 2009 for dogs. I will make one for kitties here soon :)

December - Kristal Maternity, Sampson's Hollow

Babies - Yay, Babies!! Kristal has since had a healthy baby boy - can you guess what they named him?!

December - Melissa and David, The Barn Event Center

Melissa and David has a surprise ceremony at The Barn Event Center in December. Yes, I said surprise. They invited their guests to a dinner reception and had the ceremony once everyone was seated to eat. There were more tears at this wedding than I think I've seen, and just as many smiles after the ceremony!
Windy, windy day - but the sun was out and some blue skies - that was good.