Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Christina and Dee's wedding - Riverdale School, Knoxville

The reason that I chose Christina and Dee's wedding to be the first one I blog about this year is really simple. She did something that none of my other brides have ever done. She is very organized and had a schedule to go over with me when we met for her bridal shoot. On that schedule, she had a 30 minute block, where it said "photographer break". I was just amazed and so glad she thought of me. She said she figured I might need to sit and take a break in a 7 hour day. I really appreciate her realizing that we really run around everywhere and don't take breaks very often and if we do they are MAYBE 10 minutes to grab a drink and a power bar and keep on moving.
Her wedding was absolutely beautiful, the historic building was a great backdrop for indoor and outdoor photos, and I really enjoyed getting to meet her family and friends. The boys were super fun with the whole "ball and chain" gag getting put on Dee's ankle at the end of the ceremony and fake lips for the kiss. And who would think that catching frogs would be a wedding reception event... well I guess if you're 10 you would think of that on a rainy night in summer in Tennessee :)
When it came right down to it, you could see how in love they are.
Congratulations again and thank you for thinking of me,
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