Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to make the most of your wedding day photography

Valerie Foley Photography (VF Photography)

Here are several ideas and tips on making the absolute most of your wedding day photography opportunities. These are things that we commonly use at any given wedding. The most important part of all of this, is the relax and enjoy part!!!

 Plan ahead with your photographer, venue and planner

 Come up with a good timeline of the day

 Have enough time scheduled with your photographer

 Have two photographers

 Pick a photographer who fits your style, and is willing to work with you on this,
 one who is flexible

 Have a wedding inspiration file/Pinterest board/ folder with photo’s etc. and share with your photographer before the wedding – at your engagement session or other prior communication

 Schedule around the sunlight – especially the sunset (www.sunrisesunset.com)

 Do not run late, plan extra time to get hair and make-up done

 Get ready in a well light room, photographers LOVE natural light, and the more the better

 Have all your accessories, dress, shoes, rings, jewelry etc. ready when the photographer arrives

 See the groom before the ceremony  - have a "first look" moment and start your day this way!!

 Know that you will need to eat and drink during the day – bring snacks-bananas, protein bars, etc.

 Relax and enjoy the day

 Don’t look at the camera – wait for you photographer to ask you to look.

 Be willing to try new things and have fun with it


 Know that your dress may get a bit dirty in the process and be OK with it, there are many great cleaners out there who will get it clean and this is (likely) the only time you will wear it (not torn up, muddy or otherwise ruined, I just mean, it's OK to walk in the grass, or in a dirt field )

 No family paparazzi allowed – this is time for your photographers to do their best work, and cannot do that with other people trying to photograph you as well. Some brides and grooms are going to a “limited” photography request from their guests.

 Take a moment to yourselves without anyone around – walk away for just a few minutes and take a breath.

 Reception time – have your DJ or planner discuss with your photographer the reception timeline

 Have things for your guests to do: photo booth, live music, etc.

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